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I was lucky enough to find my true passion at the age of 13, when I discovered computer coding.

Since then I’ve immersed myself in the world of digital development. After several years working in agencies I shifted my attention to start-up opportunities, taking on the role of Lead Developer for a NZ-based start-up that was part of the Lightning Lab business accelerator. During that time I honed my skills on a variety of platforms, including Laravel and Vue.

I’ve always been interested in new technologies, and love the challenges posed and opportunities presented by the latest innovations. And I’ve always been passsionate about building scalable platforms – systems, networks and processes that have the scope and ablity to grow and evolve as the needs of the user do likewise.

At the end of the day, I’m driven by a desire to create sophisticated tools that provide genuine solutions to real problems. And I’m committed to making those tools as accessible and as easy to use as possible.


Blerb (

CEO & Co-Founder

Blerb is the startup I started with my Co-Founder back in 2017. We validated the idea and built an MVP which we took to market in early 2018. We were able to raise a round of funding and go full time in July 2018.

Blerb is a tool for real estate agents, an agent can input some basic information about a property (such as "Modern Kitchen", "Courtyard", "Ocean Views"). Using this information Blerb will generate a professionally written advert for the agent.

As well a CEO I am the sole developer for Blerb. I have built the backend APIs that power the VueJS frontend application. I have also built the content algorithm that matches and generates the content for agents.

Motion Array (

Senior Developer (Contract)

I worked as a senior developer for Motion Array on a short term contract. Motion Array is a P2P marketplace for video producers.

In the short time I worked for Motion Array I was able to have a large impact. When I came onboard some of their APIs were slow, taking over 5 seconds to load on average - I was able to reduce this to ~300ms, additionally I was able to re-architecture their server setup to increase uptime to over 99.999%.

Designer Wardrobe (

Chief Technology Officer

Designer Wardrobe is a successful New Zealand P2P marketplace focusing on designer fashion. I joined DW when they entered a startup accelerator (Lightning Lab). I was the only developer for the first 2 years and then led a small team of 3-5 developers.

I scaled the website from a few thousands hits month to over 3 million hits/month. Our busiest APIs would get around 5000 hits/second at peak times - I was able to squeeze the most out of Laravel so we could manage this load on only 3 load balanced servers.

During my time at Designer Wardrobe I built all of the APIs that power the website, as well as the IOS and Android apps. I integrated with various different payment processors and used a significant amount of machine learning for content recommendations and personalised results.

In additional to the above I also built two electron apps for internal use, these were used to manage our photography studio (Integrated with the in store cameras, image processing software and APIs) and our clothing warehouse (custom built inventory and shipping system).

Plato Creative (


Plato is a digital marketing agency based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Here my role was a SilverStripe and Laravel developer. I built bespoke websites and web tools for various clients both large and small.



HouseTag is a microsite I built as a free tool for all real estate agents in NZ. It also connects via APIs into the backend of Blerb as an added benefit for our customers.

HouseTag will analyse the content of a real estate advert and then suggest a number of hashtags to use on social media to connect with interested users and spread the reach of a post.

Each day HouseTag scrapes the latest posts from Instagram and Facebook to look for new hashtags that are becoming popular in the real estate space to make sure our content is fresh and new.

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